human_habitat“The (Human) Habitat: Humanism, Architecture and Habitat 67/04.”
Architecture and Identity, Peter Herrle and Erik Wegerhoff, eds. Hamburg, Berlin, London: Lit Verlag, 2008. 259-270.

During Expo 67, architecture was the stage for an anthropocentric vision of the future. Habitat 67, a vast, modular housing project by architect Moshe Safdie, was conceived as low cost, potentially mass-produced architecture for all. In 2004, artist Brian Jungen built a scale replica of Habitat 67. This Habitat was intended to house stray cats. Shaped by local concerns around housing shortages and gentrification, Habitat 04 also questions the animal/human divide. Drawing from Jacques Derrida's concept of 'l'animot', this text explores Expo 67, and the subtle critique of humanism in Jungen's project, against the backdrop of utopian architecture.